A beautiful showcase of your department’s research work
 with zero effort on your part 

Photos of contributing faculty and students
Journal cover image
Link to the publication's web page

How Are You Managing Your Research Visibility Today?

  • Is it visually appealing?

  • Is it effective in displaying your research?

  • Is it up-to-date?

  • How burdensome is it to keep it updated?

What's Included in a faculty.works Page?

  • Your department’s recent research publications, including:
    Journal articles, Books, Book chapters, Conference papers, Patents

  • Photos of contributing faculty and students

  • Links to each authors’ home page

  • Links to full-text, when available

  • Easily request the full-text from the authors

  • Search and filter
  • Share to social media

  • Easy embedding in your department’s website

  • A weekly update of your page

  • Detailed Analytics

Setting Up Your faculty.works Page

  1. Once you order, we will automatically generate your faculty.works page.

  2. Embed the page in your department’s website.

  3. Your faculty.works page will automatically keep up to date with your latest publications.

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